Video Testimonials

Martin Ball – Inspired

From the depths of depression and moments from taking his life…to helping hundreds of families experience improved health.

Martin Ball – The Journey

Depression • Gut Issues • Tendinitis in Joints • Skin Issues • Dehydration • Low Energy • Poor Sleep • High Medications • Back Pain • 2 x Disc Herniation’s • Sciatica and more…

Local people of Perth share their experience

Jacqueline May

• Knee Pain gone • Really good taste encouraging me to drink more • Reduced wine consumption • Demonstration provided value to how the water is different and cleared any / all skepticism

Annie Slater

Mercury & Lead Poisoning • Gut Health • Achy Joints • Eczema, Asthma. Researched and bought the Kangen8 = Skin Improved (No Eczema) • Mental Focus • Asthma Reduced • Enjoyed working with Sexy Water

Mich Clark

• Breast cancer • Severe inflammation • Arthritic Pain • Burning through gold rings • Burning through clothes

Mich Clark

• Breast Cancer Survivor • How she has stunned doctors • Why she believes in Electrolyzed Reduced Water aka Kangen Water • Why she won’t go back to drinking spring water


Global Testimonials

AcneAcid Reflux • ADHD / ADD • AllergiesAnti-agingAnxietyArthritisAutismAsthmaAthletes FootBack PainBalanceBloatingBlood ClotsBowel CancerBrain TumorBreast CancerBurnsBursitisCalcificationsCancerCan’t get Pregnant 1Can’t get Pregnant 2Carpal TunnelCardiovascular HealthCelluliteCellulitisCholesterol HighCravingsCrohn’s DiseaseColon CancerConcentration / FocusColitisConstipationDandruffDehydrationDepressionDermatitisDiabetesDigestive HealthDiverticulitisDry EyesDupuytren’s DiseaseEar Ache / PainEczemaEndometriosisEnergy IncreasedEpilepsyEsophageal CancerEye SightFatigue / Chronic FatigueFertility Issues . PDF1Fertility Issues 2FibromyalgiaFlexibilityFood Born IllnessGall BladderGallstonesGlaucomaGoutHair Care / Hair LossHair LossHeadachesHeart AttackHeart DiseaseHeart Disease 2HemorroidsHigh Blood Pressure / HypertensionHodgkin Lymphoma CancerIBS / GastrointestinalImmune SystemIncreased PerformanceInflammatory MyopathyInsomnia / Poor SleepIrritable ScalpJoint PainsJoint SurgeryKidney DialysisKidney StonesLiver CancerLiver IssuesLeukemiaLoose SkinLow EnergyLung CancerLupusLymes DiseaseLymes DiseaseMacular Eye DegenerationMedication EliminatedMelanoma / Skin CancerMenstrual PainMental HealthMigrainesMoles / Skin TagsMultiple Sclerosis / MSMuscle AchesNerve PainOsteoarthritisPain ReliefPalpitationsParkinson’s DiseasePatella Femoral SyndromePCOSPoor SleepPregnancy .PDFPregnancy / Child DeliveryPregnancy Issues 1Pregnancy Issues 2Prostate CancerPsoriasisRashes – SkinSciaticaShinglesSkin CancerSkincareSkin TagsSpur / Calcium DepositStressStrokeStyes / HordeolumSwollen Knee / JointsThroat CancerThroat PainUlcerative ColitisUTIWartsWeight LossWrinkly Skin