The BMW gets Sexier

Martin decided to make a bold statement in the water filter market place by wrapping his beloved BMW with the Sexy Water branding. When asked why he did it, Martin’s response was…”I believe the water improves peoples lives and Enagic the company change peoples lives for the better, as together they have done so for me and many other people around the world. Wrapping my car was a simple decision because it helps everyone who see’s the Sexy Water brand have the ability to go to our website, learn more about the importance of owning an Enagic water filter ionizer and benefiting from drinking clean, healthy antioxidant rich water. We have helped over 250 families here in Perth experience improved health and hopefully prevent illness and disease later in life.”

If you see the Sexy Water car driving around, it is sure to be Martin on his way to helping somebody else get their unit or him speaking at a local health event. Martin has a huge passion for sharing his story from battling with depression in 2014, almost taking his life on two occasions, to now being an inspiration within Perth and globally. His video testimonial on our website homepage has helped people understand why he is so passionate about what he does each day within Sexy Water.







A big thanks to Ricky at Neto Graphics who has done a fabulous job wrapping our car with the Sexy Water brand!

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