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Sexy Water
"Beware Sexy Water........Is addictive. It is the only water that can quench
my thirst. The taste is amazing, the benefits I noticed included better skin, increased energy and hydration levels. I wouldn't go back to tap or bottled water"
Sexy Water
"When I first came across Sexy Water, I was a little bit skeptical about it. How cold this type of water be any better than what you find in the market place? I have to admit...GUILTY...for listening to the advertisements that are out there in radio land and TV land, telling us that the water we are drinking is actually healthy for us. Well, I have to contest that this is some of the best water I ave ever tasted. I train for marathons and currently i am running at around 30 - 38kms a week. Here is what I have found really interesting, since moving away from drinking normal water to taking Sexy Water out with me whilst i am running and doing the long yards, I have noticed my hydration has been a lot better, I have found that i have recovered a lot more efficiently after my running, surprisingly enough and I don't have as much pain through the muscles. That is because whilst I am running, I am drinking the Sexy Water and then after, post the run, I am also drinking the Sexy Water to hydrate and recover. I have got to tell you, if you are serious about wanting to get healthy, if you are serious about wanting to improve your well being going forward and you are limited by whatever factor, do the simplest thing you can do for your body, your mind and for your soul....drink Sexy Water....cheers"
Sexy Water
"I started drinking Sexy Water about 6 months ago and noticed a difference in my hydration immediately. I had never been one to notice the taste of chlorine in tap-water. One day, after I had been drinking Sexy Water for a few weeks, I was caught without my water bottle and was forced to drink tap water and the taste of chlorine became very apparent to me. YUCK! Since then I have been hooked! I am lucky enough to own the Anespa shower/bath unit too. My sensitive skin loves it and I always sleep so soundly after my bath. I also spray 6.0pH (beauty water) on my face and body instead of using body creams. I now very rarely get pimples and blemishes, which have been a problem for me since my early teens.

Other uses that I love are: - rinsing my vegetable to remove dirty and chemicals with 11.5pH
cleaning with 2.5pH
tea tastes so much better with 8.5pH
I cook with 9.0pH - my favourite is bone broth
watering my vegetable garden with 7.0pH
Everyone should have one of these amazing devices. I actually don't remember ever feeling this healthy. Even my dogs love the water!!"
Sexy Water
"I started drinking Sexy Water some 3 weeks ago, and can't believe the difference I am already feeling,I am not as hungry as I am normally and I have noticed that I have lost weight. My energy levels are higher than they have been in the last few years. I drink a lot of hot water and have done for many years, and there is normally a very chemical smell but have not had that awful smell to my water since I have been drinking Sexy Water. I don't have any problems with constipation since drinking Sexy Water and when I have a shower and wash my hair, I don't need any conditioner as my hair feels soft and looks healthier than before. I am so glad I was introduced to Sexy Water."
Sexy Water
"I love this stuff! It is like liquid gold for your health and wellness. I've found since starting on Sexy Water, i have had a lot of comments about my skin looking much clearer. I have always been a big filtered water drinker but find myself drinking even more with this! Who would have thought something as simple as drinking the right water could make such big changes"
Sexy Water
"I noticed a difference in the taste of the Sexy Water, compare to the filtered water I was drinking, within the first day. After 2-3 days, the difference in not only tap water but even filtered water and bottled water was not a pleasant taste. After approximately 1 week, my energy levels sky rocketed, I felt amazing and light. I noticed sleep improvements and since drinking Sexy Water now for over 4-5 months, my hair grows back quicker along with my skin looking better. I take my Sexy Water everywhere with me and recommend it to everyone I meet"
Sexy Water
"I've found since starting on Sexy Water that the regular problems I've had with indigestion have gone. I had a glass of good whiskey on the rocks on Sunday night, and would normally expect that to give me terrible indigestion, but had no reaction at all. The other good thing is that because it tastes good I find I'm drinking more water than I used to and less of other drinks such as diet coke and coffee. I feel it's helping my general health and weight loss and starting to see an improvement in the condition of my skin as some of it had been very dry"
Sexy Water
"The first thing I noticed about the Sexy Water was it's taste, or rather the lack of taste. The only way I can describe is that it felt smooth and pure. Having been a part of the Natural Health Industry for more than 5 years, I was well aware of the dangers of tap water. However I did not realise that my bottled water was also full of so many impurities until I tried Sexy Water. I started wondering: Why did it taste so pure?' & What was the secret?' So I began to do some research . . . and was blown away by what I found. I couldn't believe it had taken me this long to discover it!
I believe Sexy Water will truly be the game changer of our generation. I have already seen significant improvements in taste, smell and intake levels. My skin looks amazing because of the increased hydration and it's only been a week! Excited to see the natural benefits of water being harnessed to it's full potential in our bodies, just the way nature intended"
Sexy Water
"When I first heard Martin talking about the Sexy Water, I might have thought 'Here's another trainer trying to sell me stuff', except that what was very evident in Martin from the first moment I met him, was his level of passion and enthusiasm for helping people improve their health and wellness. So I trusted him and went on a Sexy Water trial.
It was indescribable - as if my body was sighing and thanking me for each drink! The taste was so pure that it felt different to any water or soft drink I had experienced.
I was raised in a family of tea drinkers, so I actually have to remind myself to drink water and it's usually a bit of a chore, but with Sexy Water it's bizarrely kind of addictive. That was all before I watched the video demonstration - now I understand why. Do yourself a favour - watch the video and transfer over. I was compelled to order a Sexy Water unit and also the Anespa shower unit - my health and my family's health is too important not to invest in!"
Sexy Water
"I have been very aware of recent days about the importance of good water to our health, and the current state of water that we get out of our taps at home are not by any means great. Full of chemicals and and lacking the quality. There are so many products out there and the whole thing became a mission. So when Martin shared a solution drinking Sexy Water, I was thrilled. I was concerned by the price tag at first but after trying the water for a while I could see that it would be a great investment and I couldn't afford not to have this product in my home for my and my family. Thank you Martin for your ability to share the love and the amazing Sexy Water
I am happy I placed my order today!! I will be sharing the information about this water with everyone that cares to listen. Thanks again for sharing this water with me and my family."
Sexy Water
"At first, I loved the idea of Sexy Water, but I was enormously skeptical of the benefits. Therefore after finding out about Enagic, I went off investigating all about water and it's effects and processing within the body. During my investigations, I found a few things that made me question some of the science behind alkalised water; and so I didn't start fully using the water for another couple of months. I then found some more information which provided accurate context to my research, and only then did I finally undertake a proper trial of the water. I can enthusiastically say that I wish that

I had started using Sexy Water earlier! Not only is the taste of the water amazing, with none of the metallic taste of tap or filter water. Since using the water, I have definitely found that I am sleeping better, and that my energy levels throughout the day are far more than I had previously, even with my already super health eating regime! I now find that even by bed time, I'm not really that tired, that I feel far more awake when I get up, and that my energy and concentration levels throughout the day are much improved!"
Sexy Water
"Having been introduced to Sexy Water 7 weeks ago, I am feeling less bloated and my digestive system seems to have improved. I feel very hydrated and am seeing the benefits with my skin. I also wash my face with it and its helped clear breakouts with my skin. I have also found that my energy levels are up.
I have found that my toileting is a lot cleaner and I have been a lot more regular. (This is with the fact that I am not one to have problems in this area.)
I also have been washing all our fruit and vegetables with the water and have seen how 'clean' they are. I have incorporated the Sexy water in my cooking and know that the family is benefiting from this."
Sexy Water
"From drinking it, to studying it, here I am. I am one of the oldest guys in the fire department, coming in with the better scores in terms of being in shape. The thing that's changed with me, is that I've been drinking the water solidly. The Kangen Water should be in every house, every family, every fire department, it should be in the military, because it hydrates you so much better. Your pets want you to try Kangen Water, if they could speak, they would say "try the water". I'm telling you as a professional Veterinary, the more healthy, the more energy, the vibrant try the water. Thats the bottom line, get the Kangen Water...give it a try"
Sexy Water
"When I first tried the "Sexy Water" haha, I didn't expect to see much of a difference as I was already so healthy! But within 2 days of using the water I noticed my energy levels went up another level! I Went from snoozing 2-3 times in the morning to pressing snooze once and rolling over thinking to myself "wow.. I am awake" and bounced out of bed ready to go! This energy stayed consistent all day long, I was I guess you could say buzzing! After 3 days I ran out of my sample and went back to bottled water and then next day I was back to snoozing 3 times and struggling to wake up again, so I got another sample and sure enough my energy was back and I was feeling fantastic again! I can't live without this amazing water now! It's made a massive difference to my energy levels, clarity and focus in my day to day life. Thank you Martin for introducing me to this amazing system!"
Sexy Water
"I can't believe the difference Sexy Water has made! I was totally sceptical but after trialing it for a few weeks, I can honestly say I could never go back to drinking any other water! My skin is more hydrated than it's ever been, I have more energy, my pores on my face have shrunk......and I've lost about 2kgs in 3 weeks and I wasn't trying to! I'll be adding this to my health regime and making this a daily must have! Thanks for the intro Martin! Anything I can do to make sure I don't go back for round three of cancer, I'll do! I know that this is helping to further reduce the inflammation in my body therefore safe guarding me from further chronic illness in the future! Winner!!"

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