Sexy Water Runs Riot at City to Surf

What a way to welcome Sexy Water to the Perth community…’Minion Martin’ powering through the Perth City to Surf 2015.

Martin and 13 of the team ‘ran’ the city to surf last Saturday.

Martin, as far as he knows, was the only one wearing a ‘proper’ Minion suit and completed the race in a time of “no idea, 3hrs plus+”, he says. The slow time was due to the vast amount of people that wanted to take selfies with him and the sheer weight of the suit.

“I had to wring out my shirt when we got onto Hay Street”, Martin exclaimed, when asked about how hot it was inside that suit.

Everybody had a great time and we are sure the local Perth community all embraced Sexy Water’s appearance in the market place.

Click here to see the video of him warming up.

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