About Sexy Water

Martin’s Inspiration For Sexy Water

What is Sexy Water

How was Sexy Water Created and Why?

Sexy Water provide Enagic Kangen Water  – quite simply the best Home Water Filter Ionizer System on the market. It produces water that’s so rich in antioxidants it simultaneously helps combat the effects of ageing, stress and inflammation.

The health benefits of Kangen Water are unrivalled and once you start drinking it you’ll feel so good, there’s no turning back.

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Mission Statement

To help empower you in making a conscious decision about which water system is the best fit for the health of you and your family.

To continue to build our company on the foundation of education and information.  Our personal experiences via drinking antioxidant rich water from an Enagic water filter ionizer, to help you achieve confidence in the products we recommend to you.

Each person within our community owns an Enagic Kangen Water product and therefore is speaking from a place of authenticity as well as personal experience.

We are passionate about helping prevent illness and disease for you and your family via the most important nutrient your body needs…WATER.

Why do we do it…

We want to continue to help people improve their health and avoid the three common problems today; Dehydration, Acidosis and Inflammation.

“Sexy Water has literally turned my life around. Thanks to the Kangen Water, I have never felt such energy, motivation and enthusiasm – waking up every day with such a fantastic sense of well-being continually inspires me to share the healing powers of this revolutionary water system with others,” Martin Ball, co-founder of Sexy Water.

“At Sexy Water we believe so strongly in the water filter ionizers we recommend, we offer a 14 day free trial. For a home filtered system that will help create a healthier family for as little as $7 a day for a year, call us today and start reaping the amazing benefits of Kangen Water from the comfort of your own home,” Dave Cottam, co-founder of Sexy Water.

Sexy Water customers say they have never felt better since they bought our home water filters; better energy levels, clearer headed and improved health. Call us today for a commitment free consultation and start enjoying the incredible health benefits provided by Sexy Water.

How do we do it…

Improving the water quality for you and your family to help you all experience improved health as well as prevent illness and disease. Water is the most important nutrient your body needs and unfortunately many people do not relate improved health to simply improving their water quality.

What do we do it with…

Japanese medical grade water filter ionizing technology, which we personally own and recommend…believing it is simply the best on the market.