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Many dentists all over the world are incorporating Electrolyzed Reduced Water (Enagic Medically Graded Kangen Water Machines) in their practice because they are noticing a connection between body acidity and systemic health including mouth health. Dr. E. Phillips of the Oral Health Care Guide writes an interesting article on acidity and teeth health. All acidity weakens teeth. Erosion and decay are worse when people sip drinks or nibble acidic foods. Teeth actually become stronger and re-mineralize when the mouth is alkaline at a pH 7.5 or higher. above.

But there is more…. Since hands are an important of a identist it is important that they are protected. Awareness of individual differences in anatomy, flexibility, tendon independence, span and width of hand, blood type, etc. and know limitations. This article on Repetitive Strain Injuries in Dentistry is important information.

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