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Restaurant & Cafe Benefits Manual

Employees love it, Improved service to clients, Reduced costs for coffee beans, Improved taste of coffee, More brews from tea’s, Less tea needed with more flavour produced. Reduce waste, Fresh produce tastes better, Fresh produce last longer, Increased profits, Offering chemical free dining areas, Improved taste in meal, Faster cooking time, Added flavours, Thicker, fresher soups. Meat is more tender, Improved taste of meals, Clients enjoy drinking the water, Reduced cost of cleaning chemicals, Reduced water bill costs, Reduced gas / electric bills, Additional service to customers, Additional benefits to employees, No chemical residues, Safe saniIzing of dining areas and children’s high chairs, Improved business….just some of the benefits.

Download our ‘Sexy Water Restaurants & Cafe Booklet’ to learn more.

Better Body Cafe

Better Body Cafe is located in Steve Nash Fitness World. It is a cafe that focuses on delivery healthy nutrition to the gym members as well as the general public. Better Body Cafe use Sexy Water in their smoothies, shakes, cooking, cleaning over fruits and veggies as well as for cleaning down the work surfaces.

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