shan stratton

Career highlights include:

Sports Supplementation Consultant to:

  • World Champion New York Yankees
  • World Champion Boston RedSox
  • World Champion Miami Heat
    and scores of others including SF Giants, LA Dodgers, Toronto Blue Jays and Houston Rockets

One-On-One Nutritional Training:

  • Legendary Hall of Famer, Reggie Jackson
  •  Two-time WNBA MVP, Cynthia Cooper
  • 5-time Cy Young Winner, Randy Johnson
  • Famed Coach and Player, Joe Torre
  •  Head Coach NY Yankees, Joe Girardi
  • Disney Sr. Executive, Mitch Ackerman
  • 100 of other professionals

Discussed Business options with:

  • MLB (lead consultant in world recognized NSF certification for MLB)
  • US Military Special Forces Unit
  • Donald Trump
  • Hulk Hogan

Mentor-Teacher-Conference Speaker: 

  • Health Professional Organizations
  • Sports Conferences
  • International Sports, Medical and Health Practitioners:
  • Korea
  • Mexico
  • Singapore / Malaysia
  • Japan
  • Intercollegiate Athletic Organizations
  • Radio and Television Talk Show Guest across the USA

wade lightheart

3-Time Canadian Natural Bodybuilding Champion, Wade Lightheart, is one of the world’s premier authorities on Natural Nutrition and Training Methods. Having majored in Sports Science at the University of New Brunswick, he has authored numerous books on health, nutrition and exercise which have sold in over 80 countries. Wade is sought out by athletes and high-performance oriented individuals worldwide for his advice on how to optimize their health and fitness levels.

*** Fitness Trainers & Health Conscious People Need To Hear This ***

Are you a fitness trainer, yoga instructor, health professional of some kind or someone wanting to stay fit and healthy?

Thank you to Wade Lightheart for sharing this with us all…let’s learn why this water is so important for our overall health and performance.

Wade is a 3-time All Natural National Bodybuilding Champion
Advisor to the American Anti-Cancer Institute
Director of Education at BiOptimizers Nutrition
Founder of the Prosperity & Health Alliance
Enagic Master Trainer

He is also the author of several books
including the best-selling books
“Staying Alive in a Toxic World”. ​
“The Wealthy Backpacker”….

Wade says…

“Have you ever had information that would change someone’s life and they never gave you the chance to share it?

Maybe you have met someone that was so caught up in their story that they couldn’t see someone had the solution but that person couldn’t get a word in edgewise?

Most of us have been there at some point in our lives and I was reminded of how easy it is too shut down or minds as opposed to learning something new.

Today’s world everybody is looking for validation from an outside authority now matter if that authority is accurate, qualified or even aware of what they are saying or endorsing.

Many athletes today endorse products that are damaging to the health and well being of the people buying them. Few consider the consequences of the impact advertising has to influence people.

Anyways, here’s my point…

I am sometimes shocked how many athletes, fitness trainers, nutritionists, gym rats and weekend warriors have yet to even try Kangen Water.

I have heard all sorts of opinions against it, everything from price to electricity isn’t natural in nature (ummm – what about lightning and electrical impulses in your nervous system).

Ionized alkaline water made from an SD501 produces active hydrogen, which is a powerful energy source and electrical based anti-oxidant.

The osmotic pressure of KANGEN water runs around 40 dynes as compared to 100-120 dynes for bottled waters including spring water, distilled, and tap water.

The pH of KANGEN runs from 8.5-9.5 for drinking with specialty waters used for cleaning and disinfection.

The simple facts are KANGEN water hydrates the body faster and more efficiently then other sources of water because the water enters the cell (osmotic pressure of 80 dynes) much faster as evidenced by nuclear resonance imaging.

The improved absorption and anti oxidant properties help buffer metabolic waste products from the Krebs cycle better than other sources of water. This improves endurance, strength and recovery.

Kangen water buffers acids in the blood through a higher pH and increases the presence of oxygen in the blood stream. It also helps separate red blood cells from each other when viewed under a dark field microscopy during live blood cell analysis.

Regular blood work of individuals who drink KANGEN water regularly demonstrate a significantly lower presence of free radicals in the blood stream than people who don’t consume fresh KANGEN water.

All hard training athletes who consume an equal amount of fresh KANGEN water as compared to other hydration options such as water in all forms, sports drinks, juices and coconut water report that Kangen water radically reduces delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

This allows you train more frequently and with less pain.

The cost of Kangen water over 5 to 10 years is significantly less than bottled water or other sports drinks commonly used by athletes making it more affordable then common choice’s currently being marketed, promoted and chosen by athletes today more out of socially approved corporate conditioning than any real science or personal observation and experimentation.

For those medical skeptics I will point out the AMA took over 70 years to recognized that supplementing ones diet with vitamins and minerals enhanced long term health and contributes to enhanced performance.

These same “medical professionals” also purported for decades that steroids were in effective for building muscle – yet over the last 5 years steroid prescriptions marketed as anti ageing pro hormone therapy is used by athletes and the general public and touted by the same medical professionals as miraculous.

Could it be that the widespread use of plastic bottles increases oestrogen levels in men making them docile and impotent not too mention radically effecting birth rates and defects in new born males in particular? – see CBC documentary “The Disappearing Male.”

Washing produce exposed to oil based pesticides, herbicides and fungicides in strong KANGEN is the most effective way to remove
these life destroying enzymatic disrupters from the produce before consumption.

Fat cells examined when taken from humans who have undergone liposuction showed increased quantities of pesticides and other toxic chemicals in these fat cells as compared to other fat cell samples.

Is obesity another way the body is protecting itself from toxic overload? There is considerable evidence suggesting a correlation between high toxicity levels in the diet and obesity.

Did I mention?

Strong Kangen can be used to reduce inflammation in muscles by soaking the muscle in it or wrapping a towel soaked in strong KANGEN around the inflamed joint or tissue.

The strong acid made by KANGEN kills bacteria within seconds reducing equipment rash and infection that plagues many athletes such as professional hockey players who are subject to increased incidence of infection by wearing sweaty bacteria laden equipment exposing the cuts and scrapes to higher then acceptable levels of bacteria.

Harvard medical surgeon Dr. Horst Filtzer has used Strong acid water produced by the KANGEN sd501 to successfully treat patients with chronic open wounds who were unresponsive to antibiotics with outstanding results in what most medical authorities considered hopeless cases.

In short Kangen water is a superior choice over bottled water, spring or tap when it comes to enhancing athletic performance.

It also is a great device to reduce toxic exposure from chemicals found in produce including many organics.

Kangen acid water is a fantastic disinfectant for athletic purposes and can replace chemical cleansers and disinfectants in gyms and homes.

It reduces and eliminates the need for testosterone suppressing oestrogen leaching plastic bottles and is perhaps the best environmentally responsible choice.

For those who think spring water is better consider the impact of driving to the spring, the time involved, plus the fact that many previously pristine spring waters are now contaminated due to groundwater pollution according to 30 year veteran and ground water specialist Colleen Roberts.

Personally, I love my KANGEN machine as it’s been perhaps one of the best and most cost effective performance enhancing lifestyle improving technologies purchases I have ever made and it has paid for itself many times over thanks to its life enhancing benefits.” – Wade Lightheart


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